When is it time to replace?

Even if you have taken good care of your stockings and been using proper application techniques, compression garments do have a lifespan. Although your garment may be in good condition without any nicks or dings, they may not be delivering the required compression therapy your clinician has prescribed or recommended.  Because this compression reduction reduces slowly overtime, many patients do not notice.  Here are some recommendations for when to replace your garment:

  1. Holes or tears
  2. For Adjustable compression wraps – when Velcro® will not attach to garment properly
  3. Wear and tear in heal or foot area
  4. Garment slipping down leg or arm

Most manufactures recommend replacing every six months.  And if your insurance covers garments, they typically have a replacement schedule every six months as most compression applications are for chronic conditions that do not go away. 

Many patients will build a wardrobe of compression by purchasing additional products outside of their insurance plans. They know the health benefits and how compression makes them feel better. This can extend the life of products as they are not worn as often and gives patients some fashion options too.