Time to get ready

Compression garments get put through a tremendous amount of stress during their short lifetime. You may not notice, but they slowly start to lose compression.  To maintain proper therapy and treatment of your venous or edema condition, a compression garment must be replaced regularly. Most “quality” manufacturers guarantee their products to deliver their stated compression for 6 months. Others may be significantly less.

Most insurance companies that have compression therapy as a covered benefit follow a replacement schedule that mirrors the 6-month standard.  Your insurance will require a current prescription with a proper diagnosis that meets the requirement for compression garments.  The number of replacement products can vary greatly depending on the insurance company as well as the plan that you have selected. We suggest you contact them prior to reordering to verify your coverage benefits.

You may need to see your doctor or healthcare provider to approve the use of compression therapy or renew a prescription.  Below are a few links to help facilitate this discussion about what is best for your health: