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How do compression stockings improve my health?

There are some obvious benefits when using compression therapy. These benefits can include enhanced venous blood flow return, pain reduction, and edema, or swelling, reduction, and control. Additionally, compression can help with symptoms that impact our everyday lives. A recent study shows that consistent use of compression stockings can help lead to the self-perceived improvement in the appearance of the legs, more comfort during activity, improved sleep, and overall well-being.

See the infographic of the study below:

Do compression stockings help with air travel?

When traveling long distances for extended periods, the inactivity in a seated position can cause the blood flow in the venous system to pool or significantly slow the blood back to the heart. This pooling can damage the veins and lead to the development of a blood clot or emboli. The clotting can lead to greater health risks such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT’s) or a pulmonary embolism when the blood clot reaches the lungs.

The use of compression stockings or garments can help with circulation even when in a seated position. The graduated compression profile and the increased pressure on the veins and calf make for a more efficient venous return system. Additionally, regularly walking or calf flexing can help improve the blood flow return.

Compression for activity

The use of compression during activity has been well accepted and even has some clinical proof showing performance and recovery benefits. Compression use during activity is not just for the high caliber athlete but is also for the person who prefers low impact activities.  There are multiple reasons compression products can benefit the “Everyday athlete”:

A better sense of awareness

Compression provides proprioception which is an unconscious awareness of the positioning of the body especially during movement. This heightened sense of awareness may help with better foot placement when walking prevent possible trips and falls.

Joint and muscle stability

Compression helps stabilize the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in and around the joint to prevent injury and provide a more comfortable experience.


With enhanced circulation when wearing compression, more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to the body for more energy.  Who doesn’t want to perform better?

There are compression products designed for higher levels of activity with features such as enhanced padding, moisture management, and non-slip to help you with your specific activity needs. Also, refer to our content on footwear selection to help with product choice.