Developing a Routine

As with anything with life, success does not just happen.  It is planned, practiced, and executed consistently to finally create a positive outcome.  In the case of compression therapy, the goal is to create a routine that is incorporated into one’s daily life. 

We all live unique lifestyles that require specialized routines.  Here are some of the core components of successful routines:

skin Assessment

It is good practice to perform a quick evaluation of your skin to ensure there are not any unusual sores, irritations, or discoloration.  If so, you should contact your healthcare provider. If there are areas of dryness, apply skin-friendly moisturizer to those areas after you prep!!


It is imperative to only apply compression therapy garments on clean skin to prevent irritation.  After bathing or cleaning apply any necessary moisturizers or skin care products and allow to thoroughly dry.  It is more difficult to apply products on moist skin than dry skin.


Set aside a specific area to apply your garments. For upper extremity patients, we find when seated at a table has been a successful location.  Those with lower extremity conditions require a sturdy bench or chair that will not shift when leaning forward. Allow ample time to ensure products are properly applied and placed correctly by avoiding wrinkles or folds. You can visit our video collection to view various donning techniques and the use of application aids.


Garments that are worn directly on the skin should be laundered after every use to keep the garment clean and “recharge” the elastic fibers. Clean garments always perform better and will last longer.  Always follow the manufacture’s care instructions when laundering your garment. Some are machine wash and dryable while others may require hand wash and dry.

We recommend the use of the specialized washing solutions for compression garments that use ingredients that will not harm the garment that will help extend the life of the product.

Ensure the garment has thoroughly dried before applying to prevent skin irritation.


Always store your compression garments in a cool, dark location as direct light and heat will break down the garment over time.