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Every day life

Compression should be a part of your life, it should not own it. Incorporating compression therapy into your every day routines can help you lead a more independent and satisfying life while managing your venous disorder. 

When to apply compression garments

Leg swelling is less pronounced in the morning, so applying compression garments as soon as you get out of bed in the morning will make donning easier. 

Always make sure your legs are dry when donning your compression garment. Use unmedicated talcum powder on your legs if desired, for easier application. Remove any rings, bracelets or other jewelry from your hands and arms. Remember to take care to avoid pressing fingernails into the stockings.

How to care for your compression garments

Proper care ensures not only that your stockings last, but also that they continue to provide maximum therapeutic benefits in your vein disease treatment. It is important follow your compression garment’s care instructions very carefully. 

Once your doctor has prescribed medical compression garments to help alleviate symptoms of your specific condition, your stockings should be worn every day and replaced every six months. Always follow your doctor’s directions for when and how long to wear your compression garments.  

The use of application aids not only assist with the donning of elastic compression stockings, they can help extend the effectiveness of the garments. The mediven and duomed products are guaranteed to maintain the stated compression for a full six months. The use of application gloves and butler donning devices will help alleviate potential punctures and ensure patients get the most out of their  products.

Donning and Doffing Techniques

Application of elastic wraps: 

Application of inelastic wraps:

Donning and Doffing Techniques with application aids:

Application with butler device: 

Remove compression with butler off:

Application with easy-on slipper: 

Application with 2 in 1 application aid: