Coaches corner

We all are motivated differently. Do you prefer someone who is knowledgeable and can explain why something is important? Do you prefer someone who will connect with you emotionally and show empathy? Or maybe you need someone who is results driven and will push to reach the goal.

Here are our coaches and contributors for you to determine who you identify most with:

coach catherine

aka melo

Delivers results without you even knowing it.

Coach Catherine doesn’t believe in the words “I can’t.” She will be right by your side during your compression journey. She will help you set achievable goals and encourage you to always stay on track. With Coach Catherine, you will be one step closer to feeling better!

coach monika

aka merry monika

Always looking at the bright side of things.

Coach Merry Monika knows what its like to struggle and
has had the desire to give up multiple times during challenging
endeavors. But she has also seen the spoils of not giving up. It’s
actually easier to look at the bright side of things. If you let the
disappointment seep in, it’s a poison. Optimism and dedication
battle the poison of self-doubt and ridicule. She finds it easier
to set her goals (daily and long-term), document them and take
them day by day. Totally a list person! If Coach Merry Monika
sounds like you or opposite of you, and you want to try this kind
of approach for the first time in your life, follow along and let her
lead you to the bright side of compression.

coach Jordan

aka Rookie

bringing the feng shui vibe to the team.

Coach Jordan is all about taking on new challenges and overcoming the many obstacles that life can throw at us! She is a firm believer that everyone is capable of way more than what they give themselves credit for. Coach Jordan will encourage you to doubt your doubts, drop your excuses, and keep your eye on the prize. Whenever you start feeling like you can’t, she will be the first one to remind you that you CAN. If you are the type of person that sometimes needs an extra push in the right direction, she is the coach for you!